The urge to Mate

To whom it may concern is —— practically everyone.

Sex is a word but humans, more than any other species

that I know of, have more concern for its meanings

Most species, with few exceptions, only become interested,

( make that driven,) to engage in mating activity but a few times

a year, where as humans could be said to be in ” heat ” all the time

Women, once puberty occurs, will produce an egg once a month

until they reach menopause and go through it.

Men will continue to produce sperm, from puberty until

they are guite advanced in age, even until death.

The survival of any species is based on its ability to keep on

reproducing more of its kind.

The urge to reproduce is built into the body and the actions

of mating come naturally to both hetro- sexes. It is not dependent on

conscious thought. What drives people to engage in reproductive activities

is of highest importance. To ensure it will happen great pleasure

is one reward ( a pleasure that is most addictive ) as well as a strong

sense of acknowledgement from the species for carrying out

its survival mandate.

As previously mentioned the urge is found in all humans ,

no matter what sex they are being , the urge brings together

people of same or similar sexual orientation.

Humans can engage in sexual activity just to experience the pleasure

moments without intending to reproduce, and can do so at any time or season

of the year. Thus humans have sex on their minds ad continuum and

some times ad nauseam–and work hard to attract others sexually,

The range of what humans will do to receive sexual ecstacy,

goes from simple masturbation, to giving up an empire for gratification

of the urge , as well as murder, disloyalty, and self sacrifice,

just to name a few of the actions the sexual urge empowers.

AS a stuck 7 that influences the behavior of humans Sex is way up there,

and lends itself to some very aberrant activities.

OK. enough about stuck 7s for a while

Read some of Hubbards early books for an extended view of the subject.

Good luck and best regards


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To whom it may or may not concern

In order to avoid using words like God, or the Supreme being or any of the titles humans have invented to label  that which has no name, is simply that from which all that exists comes.
I take the liberty of calling it….. The Source.

Thus the basic myth of Hinduism is the Source playing-hide and-seek with  its -self.
The Source, under many names,  creates the World by an act of self  dismemberment, or self forgetting, whereby the One becomes Many, and the single actor, the Source plays  innumerable parts.

In the end, the Source comes again to its self —only to begin the play, once more,
the One dying into the Many, and the Many dying  into the  One’

…….That which knows —in and through every individual , is the Source, the  Atman or  Self of the World ( the Source ).

Every life is a part or role in which the mind of the Source is absorbed ,    somewhat as an actor absorbs himself in being Hamlet and forgets that in  real life….he is Mr. Smith..

By the act of self abandonment  the Source becomes all beings- yet at the  same time does not   cease to be  the   Source. 

For the Source is divided in play, in make believe,…but, remains un-divided in  reality.

So that when the play comes to an end, the individualized consciousness   awakens to find  itself divine !

        And so……

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The open end

A blast from the past, 2011…….this is the fun….Phil

Lest we lose the entertainment value of these proceedings
I submit for your listening pleasure the following…….
The goal, purpose, postulate , etc etc etc to Survive ( persist through time ) is at the center of my earlier communications. Based on teachings of the Hubbard, and some personal experiences, it seems plausible that a something/nothing, that has no location in space or time, no wave length, no matter or energy, but can postulate ( create ) and perceive the creations, might have no use for a goal to survive……..being timeless.
Where as those things deemed to be alive usually seek to survive.
Dianetics, in its original statement, was concerned with Human Beings, and ways to improve their survival. potentials, around the year 1950.
It, Dianetics, started out as a ” grass roots ” human potential movement.
Ron made quite a bit of fun of mental health professionals, their tech, the time they took to achieve little or nothing, and the prices they charged for their services.
Dianetics was concerned with 4 dynamics, the first or self dynamic, the second, procreation and rearing of that result, 3rd dynamic , groups and the 4th dynamic, person kind, every body.
The hope was, it , Dianetics, would spread, like Buddhism, did thru Asia, thru the Western world, at first.
It spread because it was a do it your self movement. Just some how to do it books. and people who were willing to give it a try.
Aside from Ron’s claims for it, it still could do some fine things to improve the life, the dynamics of a Human Being.
It also provided an out look or mind model that gave folks a better chance to understand human behavior and its less desirable manifestations..
It did not concern itself with notions of spiritual beings, ghosts, thetans, OTs, etc etc etc. and whether it was necessary to examine such possibilities.
Para-Scientology had not yet been born
With its birth came the definition of the human being as a composite made up of a body, mind, and a spiritual being called a Thetan..
Now attention came off of Human Beings, and turned to that which was called the real you, a spiritual being (Thetan ) that lived before its current life time and that had a history ( a Time Track ) of untold eons.
Hubbard set out to free the Thetan from the confusion of living in the composite called a Human Being, so that it could be or become a conscious Operating Thetan, including the definition of the capabilities of an OT. I951-52
Now we all have been elevated from a mortal human with 4dynamics, to an immortal spiritual being with 8 dynamics.
Ok and now, its a religion, Scientology, and an incorporated church.
Now its a world Wide church run by a para military group, called the Sea Organization and headed up by a Dictator ( for life ) who is just as ruthless as Dictators are expected to be and anything goes as long its to protect the church that is person kinds, oops thetan kinds, last chance for……. salvation, eternity, heaven, paradise, going up. not accross, the bridge to total freedom, no guarantees, for a couple of $100.000s. or more.
Conclusion, goals, shmoles, what the heck.
Have fun, don’t get serious ( unless you want to) and if there is an end I feel sure you’ll be in on it.
If you make it to OT, please don’t bug me about making pencils move or for that matter mountains, just being human must be an OT action and requires more courage than running about as a deathless immortal.


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Part the first.

Dear Anyone. What follows is a look at human sexuality and perhaps how it got that way.

Looking at our sexuality, from an evolutionary standpoint, the human female is able produce an egg every month in the year, starting with puberty and continuing through Menopause. The human male after reaching puberty, is almost always ready and willing to deliver the sperm which in concert with the egg, produces conception, pregnancy and the production, in nine months, of another member of the human race, of our species, called Homo Sapiens.

The sex act that may lead to another human being has been endowed with very strong urges, accompanied by powerful feelings of pleasure if all goes well ( the ideal scene ).

Humans are able to engage in the sex act just for the pleasure it obtains, while reventing

conception to occur. This is unlike most all other species. It is often the case that the female does not produce an egg each month but perhaps only as often as once a year during the mating season and no male may approach to have sexual union unless she has the egg ready for insemination.

Her readiness to conceive is what triggers the urge in the male to engage in the sex act, perhaps fighting off other males for the right breed. This is an aspect of what Darwin referred to as natural selection leading to the survival of the fittest.

In the next part of this essay I’ll take up the influence on the life of the forming child in utero, the prenatal environment, and how this differs from other species who stop having sexual congress once the female is pregnant.

See you soon,

Part Two

Hello anyone and here we go :

Humans often engage in some form of sexual activity after the female becomes pregnant.

They delight in the fact that no birth control is necessary, when having sex, since she is already pregnant.

I have heard that some couples continue sexual activity as far as and into the 9th month.

The idea is both folks are willing and it may keep dad from looking else where to satisfy his sexual urge.

It had been thought going into the 20th century, a century when modern medicine pretty much allowed its public to believe such ideas as: the prenatal environment is such that short of attempted abortion not much would have a lasting effect on the forming life during its 9 month growth period, in the females uterus.

Well now. Back in 1950 L.Ron Hubbard wrote in his main book on Dianetics, that the prenatal environment and the forming organism were very much subject to mental and physical trauma.. and the trauma became part of the subconscious mind and that after birth, and thru life, might be responsible for all sorts of metal and physical problems…..Pheeeew….. what a wild and terrible idea, an idea that was loudly pooh poohed by the medical, psychiatric and psychological organizations.

OK that was 1950…….However in 2017 it is largely known that much of what was thought to be of no consequence to the growing life form, in a women’s body, is actually quite capable of causing enduring harm—harm– that may come to haunt the baby on and into adult hood.

Just as in 1950 such ideas in 2017 remain very unpopular, especially with parents and parents to be. Ideas that cause feelings of pain and guilt— to have unwittingly caused some of the major mental and physical problems that later appeared in their children It truly is too bad, but some, perhaps only a few, will confront such a possibility which could lead to some help or at least an understanding of what affected a child, It also may clear up some things that troubled us—-that came about thru our parents ignorance of how to treat a forming child during pregnancy.

In part three of this extended essay I hope to further clarify the idea of what may affect a forming organism in a negative way.


Part Three.

Hello to anyone reading this essay.

Let it be known that items of inheritance that may adversely effect a forming baby in the womb or there after, in continuing life, are not the subject of this essay.

In part three the subject is what may happen to the unborn, over the 9 months spent developing in its mothers womb. The happening I going to take up constitute various forms of trauma that may cause difficulties before or after birth.

To set the stage: It is a given in this essay that from conception to birth the baby is capable of being affected by the emotional and mental condition of its parents to be, mother and father.

The parents may have found that getting pregnant was undesirable and spent some time trying to decide to abort or go thru to having a the child. The mother to be, may go thru periods during her pregnancy of depression, anxiety, worry about the delivery, or of not wanting to be a mother. and resort to drinking and drugs to alleviate negative feelings. relations between the couple may be less than happy.

All of the above will be felt by the forming child in the way a growing plant may grow poorly when humans around it don’t care about its survival.

We make no claim that the result of the sperm- ovum sequence is conscious in the sense of a fully developed and conscious person, but rather the way that even a single cell organism can be harmed, conditioned, and distorted by outside influences.

Here are a number of things that may adversely effect the growth and development of a child to be: Cigarette smoking and second hand smoke. Drinking alcoholic beverages. Drugs ranging from recreational to physician prescribed medications. Keep in mind that the blood supply of mother and baby to be, are the same. If its in the mothers blood the baby gets it also Venereal diseases. sexual intercourse resulting in orgasm (s) all have an inter-uterine effect on the forming organism. Illnesses the mother may have including allergy’s and any form of anesthetic or surgery required during pregnancy. Accidents and injuries also.

There’s more that could be named such as as a failed abortion ( s) etc.

Once conception occurs the DNA blueprint takes over and the survival urge is at a very high peak thru out the next 9 months.

More can and will be said about this matter in part four (4) A theory of the engram


The Beginning, Perhaps. Part Four

Dear all and anyone,

I’ve sent out three parts of an essay that intended , in a simplified manner, to create interest in Charles Darwin’s, Theory of evolution, first found in a book entitled, in part, the Origin of the Species.

The final part of the essay speaks to the idea of , where or how did something
appear that possessed life, a life that was and still is capable of Evolution.Turns out, as far as I could tell, that there are theories of how Life came to exist on planet earth !
Also the possibility, that things capable of life ( spores) were and are drifting through the cosmos and some landed on earth and managed to survive, giving us animal and vegetable life forms over the eons.

One theory ( I call the Frankenstein theory ) likes the idea that a stroke of lightening hit just the right mix of  elements in a primeval soup resulting in life— in the form of cells that had the ability to multiply and evolve.

That’s all folks, as this cartoon look at some biological and theoretical history comes to an end.

Any who wish to write me concerning the subject please do.

As ever


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The fate of chairs and toilet paper

Too much truth leads to an no-game condition. Knowing the final score of a game in advance…..spoils the idea of play.

Too little truth leads to that called a games condition– defined as an aberrated activity. One aspect is have for self….and can’t have for others. Making and finding opponents while not taking responsibility for the condition.

We find a much older L.Ron Hubbard, with a very long list of enemies , in and out of his Scientology Church , strong evidence of games condition as well as a reflection on his later life sanity. ( Paranoia ).

So much for truth and its scale of degree, from too much to not enough.

Now then: What about the fate of a chair and toilet paper ?

Hang on and I’ll tell you. The fate of a chair is to be sat upon. The fate of toilet paper does not require mention since most readers know its use.

The purpose of the above is to make clear that what something is…determines what it will experience.

Not every thing that exists has the freedom to change what it is being…..the big exception is us ( human beings )

The importance of the above bit of truth ( relative, not absolute ) is that it explains why you are experiencing in

Life, that which you experience… is indeed fortunate that most reading this are not being chairs or toilet paper.

The un-popular side of this information is……..finding out that it is what you are being that calls in the bad as well as the good you find yourself experiencing. It is very hard on your favorite motivators ( the things you claim others are doing to you that are harmful) since it turns out that you are only getting what your state of being calls in !

The above is terribly simple : If you exercise your choice as to what your being will determine what you are going to experience.

The beauty of most children is that they can and do change beingness at will—- but as they grow up they take on what society expects of them, namely a fixed beingness.and a loss of the spirit of play and the ability to invent games.

It is well to remember you once had the freedom to play at being different things or even people 🙂

It some times very hard for an adult to regain the flexibility to change what they are being …even if lots of suffering is connected to that certain being.

There is hope and help for those stuck being that which causes them so much pain.

It is also possible for those reading this essay to realize they are free to choose what to be and as often as they wish.

In conclusion : the fate of chairs and toilet paper is because of what they are being …..get it ? got it ? Good !

I’d greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who finds above info useful or even just more rubbish as ever and never


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edited from a 1999 piece…

“Are you aberrated enough to have a full and rich life?”,
the very essence of everything I have ever hoped to say about anything..

24 hours later my poor body is still being wracked with waves of
laughter, in fact it has reached the point where each of the billions
of individual cells in the body are laughing as if they were each an
individual consciousness (talk about a composite!).

This humor has reached the point where I fear it could unbalance the ratio of misery
to happiness that is so necessary for life here on our marvelous
little dirtball.
Ah well, as someone once said, real wisdom is simple.

And now, on to a few other ramblings and rumblings, between
belly-cracking bouts of laughter. This should be entitled “Dead men
tell no tales, or, Nature abhors a Clear.”

For about the last 2500 years, ever since someone is reputed to have
seen the morning star, and became enlightened,
after which and sometime later others referred
to this chap as “Buddha,”

Anyway, as the centuries have gone by, it has been noticed over
and over again that becoming enlightened is possible for human beings,
and that, when it occurs, they no longer seem to be human beings.

Oh yes, there’s still a body and stuff like
that, but they don’t really look like or sound like or talk like or
act like regular human beings, and this state may last any wheres from
a few moments to — well, I don’t know for sure just what the record
is, but it could be quite awhile, maybe even as long as the remaining
life of the body.

Anyhow, mention of this state
has been found in all kinds of past and present practices; some
people even seem to run into it when they’re not practicing, say just
walking down the road or playing bridge or hearing a symphony or
seeing an incredible sunset, or scratching one’s navel.

Said state has a profound effect upon what a person has been calling
“I” just before this thing happens. At the time this thing happens,
that “I,” for all intents and purposes, ceases to exist. In fact, if
you want to get a bit rustic in your speech, you could say it’s dead,
or it died, and something else that perhaps has been dead is reborn.
And as the song goes, the glow of its being outshines every star.

Now here’s the rub: if you wish to continue this state, you will be
outside the game of Life and all its survival concerns, which will
have most of the people that knew you before this rebirth, as well as
other dynamics that you’re connected to, feeling as though they have
lost you and all the agreements and plans and purposes you’ve been
sharing in.

Some of them, in fact, might get really bent out of
shape and feel betrayed, as people often feel when the folks they’ve
been counting on suddenly die.

On the other hand, if you make the
mistake of thinking that you can go back into the game with all the
survival necessities and the time track and at the same time maintain
the state of perfect clarity, you will sooner or later find out that
being Clear and aberrated at the same time are mutually exclusive.

Just what is the admonishment of the earlier and wiser heads concerning states
with names like “satori,” “samadhi,” “Clear,” “grace,” Buddha hood
“illumination,” etc., etc., etc.? Let’s take a note from Zen, just
for example: “Very, very good! Now get out there and hoe those
beans!” Or “If you see the Buddha, kill him.”

So tear up those OT certificates and throw your Clear bracelet away
and extrovert out of that nonsense and remain unattached and
un-attracted to any of it. You’ll probably find all kinds of
marvelous highs along the way that can be thoroughly enjoyed, but
never possessed. Now we’re talking about real freedom — no name, no

As those last words slipped from my rotting brain and poured out
through my diseased mouth and polluted the airwaves, my body once
again executed an imperfect three-and-a-half off the 10-meter
platform, with an entry vertical enough to take me once again to the
bottom of the tarn and my deep, dark sleep. — The Stillness

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Total Freedom

The subject is about scarcity and abundance.
About what makes something seem to be valuable or not.

It is well to remember that having is by consideration.
Owning is not the highest form of having.
Creating is at the top of the scale

The beings around this sector have set things up in such a way that more often than not—— you can only have one of something.

One universe, one planet, one lifetime, one body, one mate, one religion,
one politic, one family, one nation, one Tech of freedom, one guru, one language,
one mind, one, one, one, one, one, on and on and on.

This is what underlies the misery of those involved in being human.
It underlies how we came to making a thing valuable and important.
The consideration is….Scarcity

All the things you can only have one of–and how valuable they have become–and how aberrated about them you may have become—

The evil comes from enforcing scarcities on self and others, under the guise of moralities to be found in many of humankind’s creeds.

The truth of this understanding is to be found in what results for yourself and others when you allow yourself, once again , to remedy the havingness of the scarcities you’ve gone on believing were somehow givens to live with.

To also regain the ability to have or not have, at will To be able to let remain, and to be able to dispense with—– every thing and anything– as you decide its value or non value.

, In other words, to regain total freedom.—-Yes, Total freedom and the one that really counts above all other freedoms……ready—–here goes— 
The freedom to be able to change your mind ! Terribly simple a what ?

Just imagine being able to say some thing is good or bad, or any other opposites, at any moment !
No more fixed ideas ! No more Fixed Ideas !, No more Fixed ideas.

After reading and understanding this, please feel free to regain the freedom to change your mind, about anything, easily and effortlessly., and grant that freedom to others if you dare !

Good luck,

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Analytical mind making excuses for reactive behavior (Hidden influences)

And it came to pass:

Would there ever be a simple and easy to understand method to explain the behaviors of human beings ?

The behaviors I refer are the ones we suffer from and those of other people.

Most folk have a myriad , of seemingly logical explanations, for the strangeness, of the worst of their behaviors.

Behaviors that worsen peoples life and the life of others. Obsessive and compulsive behaviors, oft found in so called normal people. behaviors that are down right contra survival on any number of Dynamics.

Well in 1950 L. Ron Hubbard came up with something called the Reactive MInd. A mind capable of dominating the conscious, analytical mind, and produce behaviors ranging from a bit strange to way off the wall.

Between these extremes we find behaviors/eccentricities in our selves and others.

For most persons, the reactive mind acts as HIDDEN INFLUENCE ! simply put : most people do not realize what causes them to behave in a way they know is off kilter, but do not know why, and find them selves trying to explain it with reason.

There is a large book filled with excuses, explanations and reasoning’s that have been used in an effort to explain our most embarrassing, out outrageous, and some down right foolish behaviors, to our selves and others .

Others once were : parents, teachers juvenile authorities, etc etc. As we aged others became Judges, traffic police, husbands and wives,

bosses, the IRS, insurance companies, banks, and many many others, usually with little success, ’cause they aren’t our mothers. LOL

OK. That is a theory regarding human behavior !

On the subject of hidden, but influential influences, it has long been known that a human may have more than one hidden influence and that the person lives life mistaking these hidden influences for them selves. !

They have come to identify so strongly with hidden influences, that it may not be easy to help a person to learn to spot a hidden influence, and get separate enough from it , to handle it and the difficulties it produces. under the heading of difficult behavior.

Once a person starts on the path of finding what is causing major and minor difficulties on their dynamics and…. laughing at great length, when they correctly attribute source: they can engage in the adventure of finding out, WHO and What you REALLY AREN’T………which is the ultimate achievement of Buddhism.

As you get bigger, and you will. hidden influences cease to be a bother and do not require any further action…although if needed you may always do it for you and others

Finally I can prove to almost anyone who’d like to give it a go. that there are ( most likely ) hidden influences that have been and are in present time causing, hard to explain, difficulties.

I know you have heard of folks doing endless NOTs even as much as years’

From earliest Dianetic days 1950s ——it was known not to try and erase all engrams !

When the pc has big wins and gets big that is enough…… very important not to continue.

What I propose is only to do enough to free the guy from the mis-conceptions that are most troubling and wrecking present time—– usually done in just a few hours.

Hearken to this message . I’m sure you will enjoy finding out whats been, at times , making a fool of you, and me too. LOL

Back in the very early 1950’s it could be shown using hypnosis and giving a chap a post hypnotic suggestion, that when ever he heard the word chicken- he would feel compelled to start making chicken sounds.

So after snapping the person awake in present time, we’d say the word chicken and he start making chicken sounds. When asked why he was doing that you’d see how the analytical mind works …… to explain reactive behavior… the chap came up with ridiculous excuses and reasons for having to sound like a chicken This illustrated to the audience just how the command value of an engram could effect behavior when keyed in

We’d also get the guy to remember the post hypnotic suggestion resulting in the relief he felt once he knew what was commanding his behavior.

best regards,


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A few ideas

What’s the big idea is a question I have spent some time on.

Earlier question is , what is an idea ? Sounds easy to answer until you try some things about , what is an idea , are, ideas have no mass !

Also no known wave length. And are not really located in any time or place. Wow !

They also have when acted upon, the power to move mountains !

Also ideas usually precede what comes into existence . Just for example , Hitler had some ideas.

He write them up in a book entitled, Meine Kampf. Some years later 6 million Jews and 22 million Russians were dead all because of some ideas.

Ideas also seem to be immortal. They appear to die and disappear, and then turn up again, over and over again in this worlds history. Good ideas and evil ideas – it makes no difference , they all enjoy being something that is neither dead nor alive,

always capable of being a cause.

Has this anything to do with beings ……human and other wise…. I’ll say YES ! Is there any thing that exists that was not and still is an idea ? Is that what we really are ? Just ideas , floating along the eternities……could be.

Best regards


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How the big awareness of awarness unit gets to play at being a mortal human being

The quote below may explain how the big awareness of awarness unit gets to play at being a mortal human being.

A quotation from an Essay by Aldous Huxley entitled “The Doors of Perception”,
published in 1954.

“The suggestion is that the function of the brain and nervous system and sense organs is in the main eliminative and not productive. Each person is at each moment capable of remembering all that has ever happend to him and of perceiving everything that is happening everywhere in the universe.

The function of the brain and nervous system is to protect us from being overwhelmed and confused by this mass of largely useless and irrelevant knowledge, by shutting out most of what we should otherwise perceive or remember at any moment , and leaving only that very small and special selection which is likely to be practically useful.

According to such a theory, each one of us is potentially Mind at Large.

But in so far as we are animals , our business is at all costs to survive, To make biological survival possible , Mind at Large has to be funneled through the reducing valve of the brain and nervous system. What comes out at the other end is a measly trickle of the kind of consciousness which will help us to stay alive on the surface of this particular planet……”

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